Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi
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Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu DhabiMeet Abu Dhabi on a cheap flight and economic lodging enjoy Abu Dhabi with your family — it’s time to know Abu Dhabi, fly to know Abu Dhabi with flydubai

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi - portal
Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi, How about my readers! … this time I will try to narrate, I say this because the subject is very extensive and too interesting … it is fantastic, thriving and extraordinary city of Abu Dhabi, capital of the country of the Emirates Arabes Unidos, which has become one of the most famous and pioneering of tourism in the Middle East and why not say it about the world, since there are innumerable tourist attractions that attract visitors from all over the planet Earth…Thinking of a fantasy tourist site for you and your little ones? … here is a surprising place: The city of Orlando Fla. And its magical world

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Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi -- mezquita

The city officially founded in the year 1761. Precisely in this year, a source of fresh water was found here, around which they raised a fortress on the part of the people of the Bani Yas tribe. Around the fountain, a small town was formed, the inhabitants of which defended the precious source of this vital liquid. The town lived on the extraction of pearls and fishing. Many years went by until in 1958, near Ras Sadr, a rich source of oil was found. This deposit was one of the largest and produced many benefits to the city. Today, Abu-Dabi is the capital of the wealthiest emirate, a modern metropolis and a center of tourism known throughout the world…keep reading this interesting article: Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi

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سفر رخيصة إلى أبو ظبي والسياحة في أبو ظبي

%/In the center of Abu Dhabi mosques are located, the pier is decorated with precious jets, whose names are refined and melodious.Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi - mezquita Abu-Dabi is a beautiful mirage in the middle of the desert, forming a wonderful contrast of modern skyscrapers, surrounded by green plants with the warm and golden sand of the desert. It has immense and beautiful modern buildings worthy of admiration, as well as historical monuments, one of which is the old fortress of Al Husn. Abu-Dhabi, like its sister city Dubai, has this beautiful combination of modern skyscrapers that are next to an old construction of 300 years. The parks of the city are also very special, they occupy all the free territory. Here is everything: palm trees, decorative shrubs … Treat yourself to the luxury and pleasure of strolling through a sumptuous natural carpet of green grass.

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On your trip to Abu Dhabi, it is your duty to know one of the main symbols of the city … it is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, also known as the White Mosque. This monumental architecture never ceases to amaze us with its scale and incredible beauty; around the mosque, there is a large square, arranged in marble of various colors. The mosque has the capacity to hold up to 40,000 believers at a time and is listed as one of the most luxuriously decorated mosques in the world. Because it has various marble and precious metal species in its construction, as well as veneers with rare stones for interior decoration. Within the walls of the mosque are many interesting artifacts, including the largest carpet in the world and the most expensive spider, whose diameter reaches 10 meters … this is a work of architectural art that is worth admiring in your visit to Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Zabi is a beautiful and modern city, which never ceases to amaze outsiders with its beautiful parks, and the fantastic beauty of its high-rise mansions. The most beautiful villas and palaces are located near the boardwalk, it is possible to find here luxurious shopping complexes, restaurants entertainment centers. In the vicinity of the city, there are some beautiful ancient mosques, the Al-Husn palace, which was built at the end of the 19th century and also the famous Hafit mountain. The mosque of Sheikh Zayda does not fail to attract travelers from the most different countries. It is among the ten largest mosques in the world, the opening of the mosque took place in 2007. Near the mosque is located the mound of Sheikh Zayda of Sultan an-Mahayana – the first president of Arab Emirates. It is worth mentioning that the entrance to the mosque is allowed to all, those who wish to know it. Touristic excursions are organized every day, allowing you to admire the luxurious decoration of the interior rooms of the mosque and discover many interesting things about the local culture and traditions.

So many and so many huge works have arisen from one day to another, literally, because the whole region of the United Arab Emirates, before the discovery of the huge oil deposits of which 90% belongs to Abu Dhabi, its capital, I will tell you that before the discovery of this precious liquid, this whole region was nothing but dusty regions hidden in desert. Today the transformation is fantastic, because all these regions are having a vertiginous growth in every sense, so there is no trace left of what they were before, mainly Abu Dhabi, its capital and the beautiful city of Dubai, both cities cradle of Islamic tourism that attracts millions of tourists from around the world and among them you must be your … program and prepare your trip so you can enjoy the best cheap trips to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi with your whole family!

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi – Yas Island

Yas Island, an artificial island because of the attractions that make it one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Abu Dhabi.Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi - Yas island The island occupies a total area of ​​2,500 hectares, of which 1,700 hectares are dedicated to development. The island has attractions such as the Yas Morsi circuit that is used for the grand prize of Abu Dhabi formula one, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the garden annexed to the above, the Warner Bros. park called the world cinema and hotels, a water park and commercial development in Dubai 300 000 meters. gardens, golf courses, lakes and hotels, major marine attractions, polo clubs, apartments and villas, a large variety of restaurants and cafes. These constructions were made with the aim of creating an international tourist destination for tourists to enjoy the magic of this beautiful island, take advantage of the opportunities we offer on this site to take advantage of discounts and tourism offers In Abu Dhabi find your flight ticket here book your budget hotel to know and enjoy all the delights that the United Arab Emirates offers you in its entirety.

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi – The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

The world Ferrari Abu Dhabi is a themeCheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi --The world Ferrari Abu Dhabi amusement park dedicated to the prestigious Ferrari car brand. It is located on Yas Island, adjacent to the Yas Marina Circuit, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. It was officially opened on November 4, 2010. It occupies an area of ​​200,000 square meters, 86,000 of them covered, it is constituted as the largest covered park in the world.

Among its attractions is Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. This park officially opened its service to the public on November 4, 2010. Pilots Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa made the inaugural return of the roller coaster Formula Rossa, an icon of park attractions.

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi  – 19 attractions for you!

The park has 19 attractions for its visitors, of which one is water and two are roller coasters. It also has multiple themed restaurants with different environments related to the country of Italy where the Ferrari brand originates from … below I list these attractions so that in your cheap trips to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi you can enjoy these attractions.


An exhibition showing recreations of famous Italian urban landscapes and places of competition. Visitors can choose between driving a Ferrari 250 Spyder California or walking to travel the 570 meters of the road network.


Themed version for Ferrari of the traditional carousel.

Cinema Maranello

Theater in which a film about the history of the brand is shown in the 20s of the last century. Driving with Champions

Interactive 3D show that deals with the work of a Ferrari engineer.

Fiorano GT Challenge

A dual roller coaster manufactured by Maurer Söhne.

Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa is a hydraulic launch roller coaster manufactured by the Swiss design company Intamin AG.

the attraction reaches a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour in 6.5 seconds.

Galleria Ferrari

In the Galleria Ferrari of Abu Dhabi, different historical and racing cars of the brand are shown.

Junior Grand Prix

The attraction that simulates a race between pilots of the fledgling Ferrari Scuderia, where they can drive a Ferrari of Formula One in miniature.

Junior GT Driving school for children.

Visitors receive a training session before driving a child-sized Ferrari Spider F430 GT through a network of streets.

Junior Training Camp

The playground where children can create their own Ferrari miniature and play with a foam model of an F1 car.

Made in Maranello

Virtual tour of the Ferrari Maranello factory, giving visitors the opportunity to see the design, assembly and test processes of the Ferrari GT.


Realistic recreation of the Ferrari team for the F1 races.

The Pit Wall

Interactive theater that allows visitors to decide what decisions a virtual driver makes. Racing Legends

The route where you can get to know the most significant moments in Ferrari’s sporting history. Scuderia Challenge

Formula 1 single-seater simulator with authentic steering wheels and racing seats.

Speed ​​of Magic

A fantasy journey in 4-D following the adventures of a child who travels through a kaleidoscope of real and imaginary places where no Ferrari had arrived before.


Aquatic attraction in which the visitor travels in a boat through the interior of a giant V12 engine, similar to that used in the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. The trip starts in the pistons and advances towards the cylinders, the differential and finally the exhaust pipe. The maximum height of the route is 12 meters with three falls of 4 meters.

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi — Viaggio in Italy

Recreation of an aerial trip over Italy.

Cheap travel to Abu Dhabi and tourism in Abu Dhabi — This does not end here … we have much to talk about the fantastic Abu Dhabi, we will continue to investigate to give you more information … Meanwhile, ready your bags, get here your plane ticket and hotel reservation to Abu Dhabi and. .. That you have an extense trip to the fantastic city of Abu Dhabi !!!

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