Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia

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Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia
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Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia

Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia

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Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia Enjoy this article!!

Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia – Friend Reader…… sorry to change country for the moment, but I want to give your knowledge a wonderful place

where you will surely spend unforgettable moments with your family and your friends…..the paradise island of San Andres in Colombia, also known As the seven colors sea in  Colombia… everything I tell you is not enough, you have to know and surely will be all delighted and with the desire to return… I assure you!

Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia — your best vacation in 2018

The attention of its people is magnificent, they will serve you as a king in the great variety of five-star hotels in almost all its totality, in comfortable rooms with private baths and overlooking the sea, luxury restaurants where you can delight the delicious and Aphrodisiac seafood preferably… Now that you are supporting the hard winter, come and sunbathe in the beaches of San Andres…. make your hotel booking to San Andres and order your flight to travel to the paradise of the Sea of seven colors, now I’ll give you a brief description of This beautiful place surrounded by crystalline waters white beaches and beautiful palm trees.

San Andrés is a Colombian island of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. It is known for coral reefs and reggae music. The lighted beach Spratt Bight has a coastal promenade lined with palm trees. On the coastline is the Johnny Cay Park, a small island with coconut mangles and white sand beaches. The Old Point Mangrove Regional Park is a wildlife sanctuary with crabs, iguanas, and birds…. there you will enjoy the sea, delicious and aphrodisiac dishes from the sea and the well-known “Coco Loco” made from a variety of liquors that will put you “in tune”.…come to know San Andres Isla with booking.welgos

Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia — enjoy in 2018 the best vacations of your life

About forty diving sites; Soft white sand beaches; A blue sea but also green and lilac-toned… To the islands of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, in the southwestern Caribbean,

travelers from all over the world arrive in Colombia looking for these perfect postcards to check that in the breeze, in the coconut trees and in the carefree smiles of its habitant’s lives and enjoys

the happiness of Colombia…..enjoy Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia—-booking.welgos

To 700 kilometers of the Colombian Continental, the coast is the island of San Andrés, a small paradise in which the influences of English, Spanish, pirates, and Corsairs mixed to give as result a rich culture

that moves to the son of the reggae. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the beach, practice water sports, scuba diving, and ecotourism, in San Andrés, there is the influence of Dutch, Spanish, English and African: hence the multiculturality of the Islanders.

From the plane, the San Andrés business card is its seven-color sea that houses colorful fish and corals brimming with life that enchant travelers. After an afternoon of beach and shopping in the free port, the night is presented with the strength to fill with music and dance the atmosphere, few manage to live the rural San Andres because little is unveiled, overshadowed by the San André’s tourist most  seen and promoted


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In the midst of the goes and coming of the pirate Morgan from Jamaica to San Andrés, some of the Antillean culture also remained in San Andrés.

In the streets you can hear them speak Creole: a mixture of English Elizabethan, Spanish and African dialects; They also speak Spanish and modern English, so communication with travelers is very well…if you do not speak the Spanish language do not worry, English is spoken in San Andres Island. This cultural meeting left a footprint in the music among which are reggae, reggaeton, raga, soca, calypso, merengue, vallenato, and salsa. All kinds of music for all kinds of dancers.

get you coco loco in san andres island

Tourism in San Andres Islas Colombia…A tourist drinking the famous “Coco Loco”  (crazy coconut for you)

Tourism in San Andres Islas Colombia – booking.welgos

In the islands of the archipelago, which has the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO, tourists are amazed by the colors of underwater life; Have fun with activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and jet ski; They swim in natural pools that the waves have carved on the rocks and savor dishes prepared with the best of the Caribbean: Lobster, Snapper, crab, snail and much more.

Tourists in San Andres island can also enjoy, after fifteen minutes aboard a boat that levitates on the calm waters of the sea of San Andrés, Colombia, the island famous for its beaches and Coco Locos ??Johnny Cay. White sandy beaches that embrace the greenery of the palm trees; Under them a fresh shade in which they taste exquisite fried dishes with banana and delicious cocktails. The beach is perfect for walking around the island; In some areas there are exotic coralline formations that make beautiful water wells that reflect the blue sky, to melt with the sea itself where you are sure to enjoy San Andrés.

The soundtrack of San Andres island is the reggae and the colors that decorate it are those of the Rastafarian flag. Stepping on the floor of Johnny Cay is to get carried away by the way of music and enjoy along with the islanders who cater to travelers amidst smiles and jokes. Of the palm leaves, not only comes shade but also hats, baskets and endless woven handicrafts in front of tourists in San Andrés.

Swimming between manta rays in San Andres!!!, snorkeling and diving in coral reefs that allow visibility that exceeds thirty meters are some plans that enchant those whoSwimming between rays in san andres come to the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in Colombia. Visitors also relax with the simple rhythm of reggae, admire natural parks, walk on deserted beaches and

enjoy the slow time pass.

Enjoy in San Andres at all time,  meals like banana cake and crab pies in San Andrés Islas, also enjoy your holidays such as Moon Festival, patron saint festivities and Crab Festival in San Andrés Islas.

Well, y friends…I don’t tell you more… all those tropical charms you have to see them with your own eyes… When you return you will see that I was not exaggerating in my narrative…enjoy the Tourism in San Andres Isla Colombia with a cheap vacation 2018 to San Andres Island… booking.welgos takes you to San Andres Island 2018

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